Girl Power from the 60s

The Starliners is a band featuring vocalists Berni, Rachel, Melanie and/or Stacey
backed by Graeme, Murray, Wayne and Rob

“Girl Power From The 60s” is our tribute to the female acts of that magical and perhaps beautifully naive period, from the pioneering stand out individuals to the wonderful harmonizing singing groups of the era. Audio radiance recreated by dazzling voices. Fronted by three naturally superb singers whose talent has been enhanced by vast experience on stage and in theatre. Experience which belies their relatively tender ages. Relative that is to the four men who create the bulk of the music of The Starliners band to which the girls shine and fly. These four have also been live performers most of their lives adding some 150 man-years of experience to this tightly packaged production. Discover more on the bio page about some of the members, including commercial success in the national charts and having toured with some of Australia’s most famous acts. But for now, come revel in the memories of that unique and wonderful musical time gone by.

Wayne T

For bookings, contact our compère Wayne on 0414 224 523


The Starliners


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